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'With a graphic design background, I swiftly transitioned into a developer role just a week after Bootcamp graduation. This milestone was just the beginning. Earning the freedom to work remotely, I now travel the world, making any place with a WiFi connection my office. Can’t thank Awesome Inc enough!'

Melanie Stoeckle, Software Developer

'After being laid off in the sales world, the Awesome Inc Bootcamp was the perfect next step for me. I learned new skills in an ever-expanding tech world that challenge me every day in ways my prior career never could. I found an AWESOME community in the process, and I am able to support my family better than I was ever able to before.'

Andrew Mills, Software Developer

'Yes, Mr. Frodo, It’s over now.' I am pleased and excited to announce I am soon to be a Software Engineer with The Jockey Club. Looking forward to working in the data heavy horse racing industry. Apparently thank you emails work. Thank you Awesome Inc for starting me on this career path.

Zach Estus, Software Engineer