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In Person Coding Courses for those 9 - 16

Starting Early 2023

Wednesdays: 4-7 PM

Saturdays: 3-7 PM

Our coding school offers students an opportunity to learn how to code from professional software developers, in person, and to do it with like-minded peers. We inspire kids by introducing them to the awesome power of coding! Our students experience the joy of building their own games and apps in an engaging and safe space, whether in-person or online. And you'll love it too, knowing your kids are developing a practical skill, building a creative portfolio, and making great friends along the way.

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why should my child learn to code?

Technology is all around us. Whether you are an app developer or an English professor, you will utilize technology in your daily work. Awesome Inc exists to take your child's screen time and turn it into career-skill time. Our courses increase communication, public speaking, organization, and social skills in a fun learning environment.

two coding programs

Coding Club - Coming Early 2023

This is for any child at any level who wants to keep developing their coding ability. They will receive in person instruction from expert developers as your child develops websites, apps and video games. Each student will work on their own individual projects so the program is specialized to the skill level and interest of your child.

  • Cost: ₹4000/mo ₹2000/mo
  • Immersive Environment
  • Builds Confidence
Week of Code - Spring 2023

This is an intro course for any child 9-17 that may be interested in learning to code. They will learn the basics and actually develop a website, an app and a video game.” -schedule: monday- learn to develop a website, tuesday- learn to develop an app, wednesday- develop a game, thursday- finish projects and present to parents.

  • Cost: ₹5000/mo

keep your kids engaged

Your kids will have the support of our instructors - professional coders just a step, or click away!

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