Meet 8 Alumni From Bootcamp Spring 2022

Nick Such

Nick Such,


Bootcamp Demo Day Spring 2022

By Nick Such

Last week, a new cohort completed our latest Web Developer Bootcamp (our 12th!), and we are excited for you to see how far these allstars have come.

We're always impressed by the backgrounds of our learners before bootcamp, and this group doesn't disappoint. They've worked in law enforcement, motorsports, food service, and customer service. They've helped run small businesses, or even have started their own. And now they know how to turn ideas into plans, plans into code, and code into software soluions for real-world problems.

Our Demo Days have looked different over the past couple of years, but this event continued a recent trend, with more than 80 in-person attendees. For those who weren't able to attend, we want to share a recap of the event, so let's dive into these student demos.

The Demo List

Eight students, now developers, presented at Demo Day. Here’s the crew:

Chad Cooper{:width='250'}

Hikers Haven - An online forum for hiking enthusiasts

Anthony DeVarti

Anthony DeVarti{:width='250'}

La Floraison - An e-commerce React application for La Floraison custom bakery based in Lexington, KY.

Jordan Duff

Jordan Duff{:width='250'}

Open Dish - A Potluck planning website

Corey Hampton

Corey Hampton{:width='250'}

Disclone - A clone of the messenger app, Discord

Zachary Kestner

Zachary Kestner{:width='250'}

VGDB - An application for viewing all things video game related

Nick McMillen

Nick McMillen{:width='250'}

Ocular - A premier photo sharing platform and social media network

Chad Powell

Chad Powell{:width='250'}

Comic Underground - A comic book auction application

Blair Preston

Blair Preston{:width='250'}

Mudbuds - Tinder clone with a twist! Find puppy playmates in your area!

The Video

Thanks for checking out our Spring 2022 Bootcamp graduates. Here's the full video from their Demo Day: