The Fellowship Welcomes Its Fall 2023 Cohort Of Startups

Keith McMunn

Keith McMunn, Fellowship Director

October 25, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the newest cohort of companies joining the Awesome Inc Fellowship Program, a dynamic and mentor-driven initiative aimed at catalyzing the growth of Kentucky’s high-tech startups. With a steadfast commitment to nurturing innovation, this program offers a unique blend of support, ranging from metrics accountability to invaluable services such as design, videography, development, legal, and accounting.

In this round, we proudly welcome a diverse group of startups that are set to make waves in the outdoors and health and wellness sectors. As we embark on this exciting journey, we look forward to witnessing the transformation and evolution of these pioneering companies over the coming year. The future of Kentucky’s startup ecosystem is brighter than ever, thanks to these trailblazing entrepreneurs and the Awesome Inc Fellowship Program.

Guide Book

Louisville, KY Ben Roberson Stuart Jordan Guide Book improves the lives of outdoor guides and they are committed to connecting adventure seekers to the best guides —wherever their next adventure may be. Our guides are reviewed by actual users, not their grandma or best friend. When you use Guide Book, you know your time and money is well spent.

With outdoor guiding and professional work experience together, Founders Ben and Stuart make the perfect team to help guides worldwide make the outdoors more accessible to everyone.

Wicked Technologies

Louisville, KY Alli Truttmann Wicked Technologies specializes in bedding and sleep products that both detect and mitigate issues associated with excess moisture. Their newest product, the Wicked Smart Pad is a washable, sensorized pad that wirelessly transmits spill data/events to caregivers.

After experiencing personal loss related to the surprising and devastating effects of excess moisture, Founder Alli Truttmann is aided by the memory of a loved one as she builds a solution that will save lives and help caregivers provide increased comfort to those in vulnerable stages of their lives.

Kyndly Benefits

Louisville, KY Waleed Bahouth Erik Anderson Kynd Choice is a simple experience that guides you to the best health plan option. Infused with a healthy dose of kindness and human touch.

With decades of experience at a Louisville based insurance giant, Founders Erik and Waleed have combined their understanding of insurance packages and compassion for people in search of the right product for them and their families to create this good-for-the-world solution.

NonBinary Solutions

Lexington, KY Mandy Ralston NonBinary Solutions’ software, Knowetic, brings standardization of clinical decision making to a highly variable service industry and helps personalize and optimize outcomes for the extremely heterogeneous group of people that share a single diagnostic label of AUTISM.

Founder, Mandy Ralston, is executing an effective alpha model approach which involves building solutions for early adopting partners and then utilizing validation metrics for more future users of the ever-scalable Knowetic product.

With more than 25 years of clinical experience, Mandy Ralston is an invited speaker nationwide and may utilize her platform to grow NonBinary.

Over the upcoming year, these Fellowship companies will engage in a comprehensive and collaborative journey. They will regularly participate in metrics accountability meetings, where their progress and performance will be closely monitored and optimized. In addition to individual growth, they will come together to support one another in group resource settings, fostering an environment of mutual learning and innovation. The experience will be further enriched with a startup summer retreat, providing them with an opportunity to connect, learn, and rejuvenate. Furthermore, these companies are not only focused on their own growth but are also committed to giving back to the entrepreneurial community by supporting contestants of the 5 Across Entrepreneur Pitch Competition, thus contributing to the broader ecosystem of innovation and opportunity. This holistic approach to fellowship promises an exciting year of growth, collaboration, and community engagement.