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If I need to borrow any sort of tech supplies, where can I find that?

We have a range of tech supplies including but not limited to:
HDMI cables, USB-C adapters, iOS chargers These can be found on the supply shelves in the coworking space closest to the Breakroom.

I see electric scooters out in the garage, are they available to ride?

Yes, our electric scooters are available for our members to use. Before you take your first ride, please fill out a waiver form. Upon your return, please plug scooters back into their chargers at their parking station.

How do I make a fresh pot of coffee?

We are supplied with fresh coffee beans from Manchester Coffee Co. For brewing a fresh pot, you’ll want to:
- Take the coffee filter basket out of the machine’s track
- Discard the used coffee grounds
- Place a new coffee filter in (look above the coffee machine)
- Slide the basket in the grinder’s tracks
- Turn the grinder on (please don’t change any settings)
- Place the basket back in the coffee machine’s track, turn the burner on, and press start! (The coffee machine already has a water line connected. No need to add water.)

Where should I sit?

Any desk with an open seat! There are no dedicated seats at Awesome Inc.

I want to start a membership

Great! Please email Conner or Nick (see above) to get started.