3 Tips For A Productive Workplace

Maggie Bessette

Maggie Bessette,


What are you doing to be more productive in the new year?

We want to help you have your best professional 2020 so we asked Maggie Collofello, our Space Director, to write out the top things to keep in mind when deciding where and how you’ll get to work in the new year!

3 Tips for a Productive Workspace

  1. Decide what place is right for you (location, amenities, community)

There are so many different options to work, whether it is at home, a traditional office space, or coworking space. It is great that we have so many options to work based on work style and preferences.

Coworking spaces, similar to Awesome Inc, tend to be in desirable locations making it easy to commute from home to work. If location is important, think about if the space will be easy for clients to access and if it will cut down on your commute time.

Amenities are also unique to coworking spaces. Each space is different based on the culture and vibe that it offers. It is not uncommon to have the option for rooms to make private phone calls and access to conference rooms for meetings.

Most spaces also encourage community.

It is common to have monthly events in the space to help members get to know one another. Having access to a whole community of like-minded professionals also helps you grow your network in an organic way.

  1. Create an atmosphere (plants, sound proofing, temperature)

Once you find a spot that best suits you, create an atmosphere that will help you work most productively. Plants help create a comfortable vibe and also can clean the air. If you create an atmosphere similar to a home, it is found that employees work more effectively.

If you are on the phone often, you may want to consider making your office sound resistant. There are many non-permanent solutions to make you office absorb sound so as to not disturb other tenants and to keep sound from bouncing on calls.

Temperature is important to a more productive atmosphere. You want to be comfortable, but alert. A cooler office makes employees feel more alert and awake, while a warmer office can encourage the afternoon tiredness.

  1. Have the right equipment (standing desks, external monitor, laptop riser)

While finding the right office space is important, so are the items that you choose to fill it. There are numerous options for workstations nowadays and a popular choice is the option for sit-stand desks. Standing while you work can improve concentration and helps increase blood circulation. After sitting all day, give yourself a break to stand and stretch. Another option is for a treadmill desk. This has been a popular choice that allows employees to move while they work.

If you have multiple windows open on your computer, a great option is to have one of two external monitors on your desk to quickly and efficiently flip through documents and emails.

Looking at a computer all day can strain your eyes and neck and there are many choices for laptop or monitor risers. Keeping your screen at eye level can decrease strain and will be a healthy long-term choice.

Start off the new year right by choosing the best workspace option for you!

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Happy New Year!