Community Oriented Developer Education

Transforming high school education and empowering students for success in the tech-driven world


Why is coding important?

Technology is all around us. Whether you are an app developer or an English professor, you will utilize technology in your daily work. Awesome Inc exists to take student's screen time and turn it into career-skill time. Our courses increase communication, public speaking, organization, and social skills in a fun learning environment.

Teach Code with confidence

Our program aligns with CTE and AP CS Standards while making sure your students are engaged and fully understand the content.


Engage Students

Your students will have the support of our instructors - professional coders just a step, or a click away!

coders are creative

Coding is like a choose-your-own-adventure for students who love technology! They'll have a blast developing their skills as they move through the specially designed pathways our team has created.


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