5 Fun Facts About Our 5 Across Finalists

Garrett Fahrbach

Garrett Fahrbach,


If you haven’t heard of 5 Across, let me reassure you that you are indeed missing out!

Most people understand what a pitch competition and hope that we are recreating NBC’s Shark Tank but we aren’t doing exactly that. One of our beloved team members said it perfectly,

“The best way I can describe 5 Across is to combine a pep rally with a pitch competition and host it in the most encouraging environment you can find.”

Mike Hilton

We want to make sure that those who are taking the risk of not having a “safe” career get the support they need to succeed.

Here are the 2019 winners from this year’s competitions:

5 Across February - Kare Mobile

5 Across April - EZ Chow

5 Across June - Innovative Theraputix

5 Across August - Life Ready Schools

5 Across October - Stellar Plants

These five companies are going head to head when they compete for the grand prize of $5000 on December 4th at the 5 Across Finals in Lexington, Kentucky.

We want to help you get to know them so you can cheer them on along with us!

Kare Mobile's concierge-style dentistry solves the problem for people that lack transportation for their appointment, an issue that plagues the underinsured and uninsured patients in America. Also, the mobile application also helps to fill the empty chairs in a dentist's office.

FUN FACT: It was customary during the middle ages to kiss a donkey if you had a toothache.

EZ Chow provides a solution to the restaurant industry that is looking for a viable alternative to using 3rd party aggregators such as Grub Hub and Uber Eats. EZ Chow helps restaurants keep more money.

FUN FACT: Shaq owns 155 Five Guys locations

Innovative Theraputix is solving the feeding problem for the ~ 130M babies that are born each year with their product, LullaFeed™, a scientifically supported, music-based feeding device that allows parents and feeding specialists to support their child through the feeding progression, a problem for nearly 60% of infants each year.

FUN FACT: Babies are always listening -- even before they're born. Even a baby as young as two days old will recognize his mother's voice, even if he only hears one single syllable.

Life Ready Schools are the creators of the Employability Operating System (eOS) that many Kentucky schools are now using to support positive behavior and work-ready character traits in their students.

FUN FACT: Kentucky has 648,369 public school students.

Stellar Plants is solving the food problem in the 21st century by growing pesticide-free herbs and greens year-round with their vertical farming technique in indoor controlled environments

FUN FACT: 40% of today’s global population works in agriculture, making it the single largest employer in the world.

We hope you learned something new today but mostly we hope to see you at the FINALS on December 4th at Kentucky Theatre! Register here and come cheer on KY’s startups!

--Garrett & The Awesome Inc Team