5 Fun Facts About The February 5 Across Startups

Garrett Fahrbach

Garrett Fahrbach,


And with the snap of your fingers, (actually *snap*, please,) we’re back!

It’s a brand new year, which means brand new companies who are gearing up to pitch and wow Kentucky with what they’re proud of creating. Most people understand what a pitch competition is and hope that we are recreating NBC’s Shark Tank but we aren’t doing exactly that.

5 Across is an atmosphere for entrepreneurs to pitch to a live audience about their venture while being welcomed with exuberant encouragement. Our goal is to make 5 Across a stepping stone in someone’s success journey.

These five companies are competing for February’s prize of $500 on February 26th, at Awesome Inc in Lexington, Kentucky. We want to help you get to know them so you can cheer them on along with us!

CGN.US: CGN.US provides a social network for gamers and content creators to create, discover, and share their gaming content while increasing their audience through user engagement.

  • Fun Fact: The gaming industry is expected to surpass 90 billion dollars by 2020, up from 78 billion in 2017.

Party Ninja Lex:It promotes better health and gives people instant gratification when completing an obstacle course.

  • Fun Fact: Brandon Kelly, the founder, has been on American Ninja Warrior four times.

Tacklehack: We provide small companies who do not meet the large inventory requirements of large box retailers a dedicated platform to sell their products directly to their target demographic.

  • Fun Fact: Catfish have over 27,000 taste buds, whereas humans have only 9,000.

Nursing CE Central:We intend to utilize technology and digital-based interactive courses to change the face of nursing continuing education.

  • Fun Fact: On average, nurses walk four to five miles every shift 12-hour shift they work.

Raise the Bar: Our eLearning platform streamlines hospitality team training and onboarding processes, saving managers time and minimizing costs associated with employee turnover.

  • Fun Fact: On average, online learning requires 40 to 60% less employee time.

Now that you're acquainted with the startups who will be pitching - we expect to see you at February 5 Across at Awesome Inc on Wednesday, 2/26!

-Garrett and the Awesome Inc Team