5 Things I've Learned From Running A Podcast

Garrett Fahrbach

Garrett Fahrbach,


Hey guys, it’s me, G.

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I’ve been running the Awesome Inc podcast since January 2019. It’s been an enjoyable way to build relationships while growing my audio production abilities. I have a background as a musician, but since I’m not recording guitar parts or traveling, running a podcast has been my creative outlet. 

Here are a handful of takeaways from the last two (going on three) years:

1. Know your WHY.

  • Yes, I said it... I guarantee as a podcast host, editor, or consumer, you will enjoy and receive more value from a show that knows its mission.

2. Bring out the best in people.

  • The world tends to be negative. People often hear more negative than positive. Be intentional with your encouragement.

3. Create a framework for your process.

  • At Awesome Inc, we call these playbooks.

  • Document all steps:

    1. find guests
    2. connect
    3. set a recording time
    4. prep for your recording
    5. record the episode
    6. edit
    7. revise
    8. distribute
    9. promote the episode
    10. follow-up with guest(s)

4. Be human! A podcast is a conversation; don’t be robotic.

  • The first handful of episodes I was a robot. I’d ask a question, listen to a great response, and follow-up with the next question. I wasn’t connecting. 
  • Don’t worry about small details like having the perfect email to connect with someone - it doesn’t exist.

5. If it takes less than two minutes, automate it.

  • I automate a lot of email templates, copy and paste outlines, and create steps that add value even when they're reused.