A Brief History of Awesome Inc U's Web Dev Bootcamp

Mackenzie Hanes

Mackenzie Hanes,

June 03, 2024

Intro The Awesome Inc U Web Development Bootcamp training recently launched its 17th cohort of developers in its 8th year! We are proud of the continuous improvements of our training and our continued focus on providing high quality training that successfully launches our graduates into life-changing careers.

Many people don’t understand how the Awesome Inc U Bootcamp came to be, so here is a short history lesson and celebration of our Awesome grads!

History of Bootcamps In 2011, Tech Bootcamps were born. Before the bootcamp structure for tech education, individuals who wanted to learn how to become a developer would have to enroll in a four year development program at a traditional college, or they would be self-taught. The Web Developer Bootcamp structure provides high level instruction in an intensive format providing highly accelerated learning to quickly upskill learners to support career transitions to tech.

How Bootcamp came to Lexington In 2016, a friend of Awesome Inc approached us and asked us to launch a bootcamp in Lexington to support the thriving tech and entrepreneurship pipeline. In the Fall of 2016, we launched our first Full-time immersive Bootcamp with 10 students and a dream! Our Awesome Pioneers found roles in local companies and launched their own companies.

We learned a lot of lessons alongside our students that first fall and we iterated and launched our updated version in the next year with two cohorts in the Spring and Fall.

By 2020 we had served and launched more than 60 Full-stack developers, working at 40+ companies heavily centered in Central Kentucky, but also across the Commonwealth with some finding homes in remote and hybrid workplaces.

Throughout 2020 and in the post-pandemic years, the instructional team worked diligently to continue to provide high level instruction in varying formats to best support safe working environments while preparing junior developers to work in workplaces that were in-person, hybrid or remote.

We graduated our 100th developer in December 2021! Throughout 2022, we saw an enrollment explosion and set our sights to expand our life-changing training beyond the Bluegrass Region. In 2023, Awesome Inc U went remote and we were able to support 2 cohorts of students from more than an hour away through our time-tested training.

Now in 2024, we are on track to graduate our 200th developer this December! Our Spring cohort just launched, and we will celebrate their graduation with a live Demo Day on June 26, 2024 at noon! Use this link to add the event to your calendar!