A New Year's Resolution You Can Keep

Aayat Ali

Aayat Ali,


Awesome Inc Intro to Web Development

It's that time of year where New Year's resolutions have come and gone. Whether it was going to the gym four times a week, or learning a new skill, keeping up with resolutions can be difficult. But the tide is turning, and it's time to follow through. You can do that with Awesome Inc's brand new Intro to Web Development course.

There's a stigma that it is harder for adults to learn new skills, but this class has proven to dissolve that pattern. With the help of dedicated instructors, adults can learn the stepping stones of web development in just nine weeks. Instructors Thomas Cothran, Gary Ditsch, and Nick Such are very experienced in the world of coding and eager to help anyone get their foot in the door of development. So who exactly is eligible for this course?

"Anyone who is interested in web development! No previous experience with software development is required," said Cothran. "If you are interested in building your own web pages, helping others, or just getting a first taste of what software development is like, then this course is for you."

Learning about coding and software development can seem like a daunting task, but the instructors are more than eager to share their wealth of knowledge. Speaking to the students, the vast majority had little to no previous experience in web development. From musicians to line cooks and even a daughter/father duo, the students seemed to come from various backgrounds and had one goal in common: to step out of their comfort zone and learn something new.

When asked what they hoped to gain from this course, the specific answers varied, but they all shared the yearning to learn a new skill. Some students expressed taking this class as a complete career shift, while others want to advance their current careers.

"This is an introductory course, and we don't assume any knowledge in advance. As long as you are interested in learning how to build websites, you will be fine," said Cothran. "We expect students to run into problems— one major goal is to learn how to work through problems together."

With this course, Cothran says students can learn the basics of creating their own website using HTML, sprucing it up with CSS and making it dynamic with JavaScript. The class begins with a review of the previous class's lessons and is hands on— perfect for grasping and effectively executing the lessons.

The Intro to Web Development is just the tip of the iceberg. With this class, students can build their own unique websites, and later take that knowledge into the fast-paced and challenging Awesome Inc Web Developer bootcamp.

The next Intro to Web Development session begins June 4th. You can register through Eventbrite.