Introducing the Fall 2021 Fellowship Cohort

Keith McMunn

Keith McMunn, Fellowship Director

October 27, 2021

Since 2014, The Awesome Inc Fellowship Program, in partnership with the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame, has worked with 58 Kentucky-based startups and founders to accelerate the growth of their companies. To date, those companies have created 427 new jobs for Kentucky with the aid of over $72 million investment dollars.

The Awesome Inc and Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Teams are excited to announce and welcome the next four companies to join the Fellowship Program. 

Borderless - Payments from around the world, delivered via bank accounts and e-wallets. We can help your business succeed with seamless local and international payments. 

It’s time for international and business-to-business payments to encourage the success of those on either side of the transaction. Proudly created by dreamers, Borderless delivers the best payment experience with its use of handle usernames and ultra-clear pricing model. 

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about payment fees, it’s time to switch. Head over to

Legal Gantt - A portal designed for the best client-attorney communication. Allow your clients to track their cases’ status and understand the legal process when working with your attorneys.

The last time you want unnecessary ambiguity and uncertainty is during a distressing litigation process. Well-meaning but under-equipped attorneys leave their clients in the dark as they work on multiple cases and defend numerous clients. It’s time that they had software to track their case work in a secure but client-accessible portal like Legal Gantt. Legal Gantt makes life easier for attorneys and provides certainty to those hoping for updates on their case. 

Does the rockstar attorney in your life use Legal Gantt? If not, refer them to

Pavr - The path to productivity. Pavr provides a way to create and produce insights & analytics from your calendar data.

They say time is money, but we all know that time is actually more valuable than money. If you lose it or spend it, you can’t make more!! A revolution is in order for people to take their time more seriously and make adjustments for a richer future. The founders of Pav*r understand this. They’ve created an unbelievably easy way for calendar users to categorize, label, and analyze where their time goes. 

It’s time to start understanding your time. Start now with

RaveOn - The all-NEW sports app that lets your voice be heard! ​​

We all do it. We watch the big game and, depending on the outcome, we look for somebody to celebrate or commiserate with. We love it. We live for it! Until RaveOn, there has never been a clean, clear place to gather and be heard about the buzzer-beating kick or the blown call.

To start ranting and raving with your friends and family, download the app and visit

From October 1, 2021 until September 30, 2022, these companies will receive support, accountability, and technical resources from Awesome Inc that will help them scale further, faster. 

Included in the technical resources are:

  • Graphic Design from Awesome Inc
  • Videography and Editing from Awesome Inc
  • Web Development from Awesome Inc
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping from DB Virtual Accounting
  • Legal Services from Dinsmore & Shohl

If you would like to learn more about current and past Fellowship companies or provide pro bono services to future cohorts, please contact