Lexington Company Launches Corporate Innovation Workshop

Liz Brown Evans

Liz Brown Evans,

March 26, 2020

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Lexington Company Launches Corporate Innovation Workshop

March 26, 2020 — Lexington, KY

For 10 years, Awesome Inc has been building an entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lexington, KY, and they’re now leveraging that drive to serve the corporate community. With the rise of technology, startups, and market disruption - more than ever, corporate companies have to stay on the innovative edge to survive. In order to solve the puzzle of innovation and form strategic partnerships in the corporate space, Awesome Inc created Venture Labs.

Venture Labs is an innovation-based workshop that drives entrepreneurial thinking in the corporate workspace. Employees incubate their own ideas that will impact the future of the company, and then pitch those baked-out ideas to senior management at the end of the day.

The day begins with participants learning how to think like an entrepreneur from an experienced startup founder. They’re guided through hands-on exercises that are designed to help them create new ideas and then work in teams to develop them.

Awesome Inc facilitated six pilot workshops in 2019 and is now launching the full program in 2020.

"Our team learned a vast amount of problem solving, teamwork, and idea execution tactics from our time with Venture Labs. In our business, from a seasonal standpoint, everyone always has ideas and ‘what ifs’, but they don’t always get planned, executed, or fully thought out strategically. Through Venture Labs, our team gained vast knowledge on how to go about true strategy and execution." -Andy Shea, Lexington Legends

"The Venture Lab did a great job of challenging our teams to think more critically. They really enjoyed getting into the entrepreneur mindset of identifying a problem or need and collaborating to discover an actionable solution." -Edward Quinio, Chase Bank

The Venture Lab team is excited to grow this program and better bring together the startup and corporate space under the shared goal of innovation.

Visit the Venture Labs website for more information.

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