New Part-Time Course for Adults - Intro to Web

Nick Such

Nick Such,


Adults learn to code at Awesome Inc

Over the past two years, we have seen tremendous success with Awesome Inc’s full-time Web Developer Bootcamp. Every graduate from our first cohort landed a programming job after the program, our second cohort (which finished just three months ago) is well on their way to repeating that performance, and our third cohort has shown excellent progress in skill development as they enter week nine of their 12-week program. This immersive course has delivered a life-changing experience for 30 professionals who have had the opportunity to devote at least 12 weeks of their lives to learning software development. However, this course format is not the best fit for everyone, so we’re excited to offer a new course, the Intro to Web Development, in a part-time, evening format.

While we discuss our Bootcamp course as a 12-week, full-time program, that actually leaves out an important part of the learning experience: the Prework. Each Bootcamp student, before beginning the in-person part of the course, studies independently with a set of preparatory lessons called Prework. These lessons give students a first pass on some of the essential skills that we build upon throughout the Bootcamp. These skills include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the Command Line Interface, text editors, and Git. This enables our Bootcamp students to arrive on day one of class, already possessing a significant set of web development skills. Our new Intro to Web course is focused on this same content.

Laptop with terminal and text editor with HTML code

The Intro to Web course is a nine-week course that meets two nights per week (Mon and Wed, 6:30-8:30pm). By focusing on our Bootcamp Prework content, this new course is intended for at least two types of students. The first is the busy professional, who is curious about gaining web development skills, or needs a certain amount of web proficiency for their current career, but doesn’t have the time (or desire) to devote to a career-change program like the Bootcamp. The second type of student is one who is interested in the Bootcamp, but would like to try out web development in a smaller way before making the deep dive. This course is designed to help students become reasonably good at what is called "front-end" or “client-side” web development skills, as well to provide a foundation for future courses or self-study in web application development.

Things you’ll be able to do after completing this course:

  • Create an HTML document from scratch
  • Style an HTML page using CSS
  • Write code to manipulate data using JavaScript
  • Navigate your computer’s file system using the Command Line Interface
  • Collaboratively manage a software project using Git and GitHub

We are really excited to finally offer this much-requested course. This is a beginner-level course, so participants are not expected to have prior programming experience. However, you’ll find the most success if you are comfortable using a PC or Mac, creating and opening files and folders, using basic spreadsheets, and typing at least 30 words-per-minute. If you’re interested in this course, but not sure that it’s the right fit, feel free to contact us to discuss your personal learning objectives.

Registration is open now. Be sure to snag the Early-Bird pricing (save $300), which runs through January 1st.