Nine Students Launch From Bootcamp Winter 2023

Nick Such

Nick Such,


Bootcamp Demo Day Fall 2022

By Nick Such

Last week, a new cohort completed our latest Web Developer Bootcamp (our 14th!), and we are excited for you to see how far these allstars have come.

We're always impressed by the backgrounds of our learners before bootcamp, and this group doesn't disappoint. They've worked in warehouses, designed logos, helped familes find houses, and fixed cars. And now they know how to turn ideas into plans, plans into code, and code into software soluions for real-world problems.

This group has also accomplished a first among our grads: they completed the entire program remotely. This takes a particular type of dedication, while fostering remote communication skills that we've seen become essential for our recent grads. Now, even working for a local company often means collaborating remotely with colleagues and customers.

The Demo List

Nine students, now developers, are presenting at Demo Day. Here’s the crew:

Brian Burdine

Brian Burdine{:width='250'}

Elden Ring Character Planner - Character Builder

John-Michael Crawford

John-Michael Crawford{:width='250'}

PocketPro - Golf App - Score Tracker

Josiah Charley

Josiah Charley{:width='250'}

MovieMania - IMDB Clone

Katy Simpson

Katy Simpson{:width='250'}

WildSteppe - AllTrails - Kentucky Based

Kelle Neal

Kelle Neal{:width='250'}

AlarmSquad - Task Manager (Todoist, TickTock)

Mariola Hullings

Mariola Hullings{:width='250'}

Flex - Workout App

Preston Soper

Preston Soper{:width='250'}

Bookapedia - eBook site, with a "book shelf"

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Tryon Baldwin

Tryon Baldwin{:width='250'}

Second Life - Freebie Alerts

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William Burbridge

William Burbridge{:width='250'}

Comic Craze - Comic Book / IMDB clone

Zachary Thomas

Zachary Thomas{:width='250'}

Marketopia - Marketplace Clone

The Video

Thanks for checking out our Winter 2023 Bootcamp graduates. Here are photos on Flickr, and the full video from their Demo Day: