University of Pikeville Brings In Awesome Inc For 1-Day iPhone Course

Steve Osowicz

Steve Osowicz,


There was a lull in the freezing cold weather, the endless ice and snow. It was the first temperature break in the middle of a brutal winter. The team from Awesome Inc U arrived at the University of Pikeville to get set up for a crash course in iPhone App development. There was some initial concern that some of the participants might forego the iOS course in order to enjoy the beautiful day. However, knowing the significant impact that learning to code could have on their lives, the participants filtered in. The class was filled with people from a variety of backgrounds. There were system administrators, collegiate athletes, high school students and several people who didn’t even know what "Hello World!" meant. Justin, our Awesome Inc U instructor for the day, kept the class moving at a good pace for the material with plenty of Awesome Inc U teacher assistants frequently helping students when they had a question or needed further clarification.

Classroom for iOS course at UPike

Learning By Doing

At the end of the class, the students were pleasantly surprised that they all built an actual, functional iPhone App. This was not just theoretical learning -- this was a real world exercise in building something that worked. This on-site course covered the curriculum from our 1-Day iOS Crash Course. Participants with no prior programming experience learn how to navigate the Xcode development environment, pick up the fundamentals of the Objective-C programming language, and implement common iPhone app components like multiple View Controllers, ImageViews, and the Apple MapKit.

This six-hour course was a great foundation for the students to continue their learning. While the technical content provides solid value, the best part was seeing how excited people became over accomplishing a challenging task and building something tangible. Instilling this confidence in first-time programmers is a key part of our educational philosophy at Awesome Inc U.

Awesome Inc U participants take a stretch break on UPike campus

As with all our Awesome Inc U courses, we made sure to take a break to stretch out our programming muscles. As programmers ourselves, we’ve come to know that the best way to solve a complex problem is often to walk away, clear your mind, and come back to it. With such a beautiful day, we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful Appalachian surroundings of the University of Pikeville’s campus while our participants shared their favorite jumping jack and yoga algorithms with the group.

Bring Awesome Inc U To Your Organization

While most of our 1-day crash courses are hosted at our headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to bring on-site courses to various organizations. We’ve been to a few dozen K-12 schools for Hour of Code sessions. In March alone, our team traveled to the University of Pikeville for this iOS App 1-day course (through a partnership with the KY Innovation Network) and to Dreamhost in Los Angeles, California to present a class on the increasingly-popular static site generator, Jekyll. For many organizations, being able to offer an on-site class makes it easier for their key team members to attend. Along with our live instruction, each course includes supplementary materials like sample code files, course manuals, and screencast videos of your training session.

Visit us at and check out what we have to offer. Does your school or business need a coding course, however you don’t see one that you need? Contact our team and we can build a class to your specifications. One of the great aspects about these classes is that they can be catered to fit your school or company’s needs in terms of content, skill level, and more! Our team is experienced, professional, and ready to assist you with all of your coding educational needs.