Fellowship Portfolio

Tailored home automation hardware and software through community-driven design.



Swell is developing a preventative mental health platform for military families that scales beyond the base-level access issues and the global therapist shortage through a combo of app-based self-guided care and free outcome-driven telehealth therapy.
PreventScripts is a suite of connected technologies that enables primary care providers to provide deeper prevention services to patients that generates additional practice revenue while preparing for payment methods of the future.
The cleaning industry as a whole is lagging with little technological utilization, particularly in residential cleaning. CleanSpace is providing software solutions for cleaning companies of all sizes to manage and grow effectively.
Book your next outdoor fishing trip by finding the best fly fishing guides, listed on Guide Book.
Discover the revolutionary Wicked-Smart Pad, a washable and sensorized bedding designed for detecting and mitigating moisture events.
Kyndly offers an alternative to expensive group health insurance by leveraging the individual market and federal tax subsidies.
C2 Keep is an inventory management platform that provides real-time inventory insight for independent pharmacies.
Taking loneliness out of freelance work with a powerful Collaboration Network Platform that fuels efficiency
*Smoove Creations* is a custom sneaker business for you, your team, business, and events!
Design your own cartoon pets using our one of a kind pet avatar maker! Share your creations online, or add them to all sorts of customizable merchandise.



Ujoin believes the land of policy-making is a place for all of us. Our online grassroots advocacy app will help you get policy wins.
MiniGrip™ has a patent-pending dual surface design with a high friction gripping surface to help open all types of twist-tops and lids while providing a comfortable surface to support dry or sweaty hands.
PrepSharp offers easy access to free bubble sheets for the ACT, and intuitively-designed answer keys & scales (raw score conversion charts) for the ACT.
Party Horses is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum Mainnet. Our vision is to create a future where NFT's create access and special experiences.
The Only Virtual Reality App Designed Specifically For Loneliness. We help Senior Care Facilities and Seniors Aging-at-Home to stay connected with loved ones and maintain exciting, rich experiences.
Cybersecurity threat prevention for small to large businesses. Existing solutions are too reactive and require too much human interaction.
We provide on-going, virtual physical therapy with remote patient monitoring so that patient's can have unlimited access to personalized therapy at their convenience. Our recipe combines high intensity exercise with brain work to improve physical and cognitive function for people with Parkinson's, MS, and early stage Alzheimer's.



Inphlu is a social media amplification platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), that helps businesses enhance their brand and hire new talent, by sharing content through the social media channels of their employees.
Sports fans be heard.
Simple, Transparent And Affordable Global Payments



The path to productivity. Pav*r provides a way to create and produce insights & analytics from your calendar data.
Client portal for the best communicating attorneys. Allow your clients to track their cases’ status and understand the legal process when working with your attorneys.



The only mobile-first real estate CRM. We took the clunkiness and complexity out of the CRM and focused on building a beautiful, intuitive, mobile-first user experience your team won't dread using so you can focus on clients and growth.
Get any space virtually staged or designed in as little as a day.
GoodMaps indoor mapping and positioning technology comes within a few feet, while other companies' accuracy varies between a dozen and 30+ feet. For people who are blind or a first responder, this improvement in accuracy makes digital maps actually usable and more simple. GoodMaps requires no infrastructure or beacons in a building.
Synaptek simplifies and optimizes concussion testing and data management for your clinic or athletic department.
Utilizing its IML Graphene, Hexalayer can increase the capacity of a battery by nearly 300%.
Pascal Tags uses new patented completely passive (no battery, no storing of energy) technology that can replace current inventory tags.
Silver Fern Group simplifiies your horticulture business with technology for growers. Software, mobile apps, IoT Devices, and custom technology serving the Horticulture & Greenhouse industries.
OrgVitals provides data analysis for transformational leaders who need to strategically improve employee retention, equity, and engagement.
An online platform that helps founders build great financial models, make better decisions, and impress investors.
Soft Skills builder and feedback educational tool for workforce development and personal growth
Nursing CE Central provides nursing continuing education in a state-of-the-art online platform to nurses with a 100% online, seamless and intuitive experience.



CASPER Security helps cities quickly neutralize the threats posed by vacant and abandoned properties by placing virtual residents within the homes that detect and report emergency situations like fires and break-ins.



Adder is a gig-economy based, vehicle advertising service and location analytics provider for out of home advertisers -- using consent-driven GPS data to tell the story of how customers connect with brands in the real world.
Enable.Ai makes cutting edge machine learning and natural language approachable to business users. Unlike off the shelf solutions, we provide the means to rapidly develop bespoke systems specifically designed to help you understand your data, your customers, and your category.
An all-in-one digital customer engagement platform for restaurants and hospitality companies to increase their off-premise dining revenues and lower their costs.
Surgeons currently do not have an intuitive, sterile control interface to easily access patient data during a procedure. Toggle Health is developing the “Roku” for the operating room.
A social fundraising platform and fitness tracker that helps expand the fundraising reach of charities, schools, teams, organizations, and individuals. A master plan to help people get fit and raise money at the same time.



Advertising made fun. View an ad. Predict the average answer to 4 feedback questions. Earn money based on your accuracy rank.
Our SaaS offers an ability to transplant additional organs by reducing donated organ waste.



Disruptive innovation in the oral health care space, is the business Kare is in. We achieve this through our concierge mobile dental business and our mobile application technologies that solve the access to oral health care barrier for the uninsured and underinsured of America.
Smart Rotation provides automatic rotational scheduling solutions for gymnastics to allow facility owners to focus on providing high-quality gymnastics instruction.
Agent Ally brings innovation to Medicare sales by automating the most time-consuming pieces of the sales process, enabling a more client-focused sales conversation.
A platform to quickly buy and sell your tack and apparel right from your phone!
With EZ Turn's EZ Scheduler, housing unit staff will be more efficient and give their property managers more free time to focus on different tasks.
At FreshFry, we strive to simplify complex oil filtering systems. The FreshFry Pod is a safe and easier way to replenish and extend the life of your frying oil. The Pod works overnight by capturing and removing the impurities that make your oil smoke, look dark, and taste bitter.
Anavii Market is an online retailer powered by plant products. We provide premium verified hemp-derived CBD, and CBD education through a user-friendly interface.
Bridging the gap between caregivers and patients for in-home healthcare services in real time and in a transparent way.
iReportSource is disrupting the paper-based employee health and safety space. They use mobility to collect data in an effort to predict and prevent workplace accidents.
Curio is an online space for teachers to discover, curate and collaborate on ideas and strategies in one place.
Podchaser is the cross-platform ratings and database solution for the growing world of podcasting.
Crafting well-designed products for the elderly to make their hobbies easier to enjoy.
Provides law enforcement firearm monitoring for safety, accountability, and location tracking.
MailHaven is a smart mailbox that tracks and protects your packages.
Qualmet is a cloud-based platform used by internal law departments to quickly, easily and consistently measure the value of external legal service providers. The company focuses on raising the business value created between in-house and outside counsel. Through performance metrics and objective benchmarking, the company and its namesake product create an industrywide common language.
Meta Construction Technologies, LLC is a construction-tech firm in Louisville, KY that is giving control to the asphalt industry with our innovative virtual Fleet Management & Dispatch software solution, BlackTop. Asphalt contractors request trucks from preferred trucking vendors directly through our system and then track drivers using our mobile app.
Cloverleaf is a proficiency, preferences and personality test service to help employees discover their unique identity and reveal how they fit within teams.
Credit Fair-E is a licensed lender that provides fair, affordable and flexible small-dollar consumer loans designed so the borrower can repay.
SaaS that provides continuous monitoring and notification when an address is affected by extreme weather. By aggregating public and proprietary weather data and analyzing it against portfolio properties, Weather Check can provide a new way for property owners and their managers to approach asset value preservation.
Switcher is a video creation platform. The service includes access to the Switcher iOS video mixing app, cloud services, desktop tools and support. Sync up to 4 iPhones and iPads to record and stream LIVE video with TV quality results and share instantly on YouTube, Facebook and more.
Inscope Medical Solution is a medical device company focused on developing low-cost, disposable, connected medical devices.
Nymbl Systems is a cloud based, SaaS targeting niche fields of healthcare medicine. Nymbl Systems manages patient information, patient scheduling, billing, and inventory management. Nymbl Systems creates an all-inclusive platform that streamlines the users daily experience, while utilizing the newest technologies and billing strategies.
RalphVR is a virtual reality game studio connecting people through unforgettable adventures. Their mission is to bring people together inside games that leave a positive impact on players.
Virtual Peaker is a software platform that manages residential electric demand. It applies machine learning and real-time control to internet-enabled appliances to reduce demand while minimizing negative impact to the residential customer. The platform is accessed through a web browser, and has tailored portals for utility and residential users.
Schedule It provides automated and on-demand scheduling assistance to independent insurance adjusters around North America. A blend of technology and human empathy helps our customers assist homeowners to more quickly recover from documented property damage.
Sword is a performance hydration drink. It’s simple formula is designed to improve your performance by delaying the onset of fatigue. Created by two doctors who specialize in athletics, Sword more effectively hydrates, contains no artificial ingredients or colors, and optimally fuels your body so you can exercise stronger, longer.
Fanbloom combines workflow automation tools -- including messaging and payment features -- with detailed social media audience intelligence, allowing brands and marketers to confidently identify and collaborate with influencers.
DonorCentric is building a modern communications and data platform for nonprofits to replace current Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This platform helps nonprofits retain existing and engage new donors. DonorCentric's first offering is a donation service that allows nonprofits to quickly start accepting donations online. The service includes automatic receipting and gift entry which reduces errors and saves time for nonprofits.
Hippo Manager is an easy to use, customizable cloud-based veterinary practice software that helps veterinarians and vet professionals manage their practices by making software a seamless part of their business. Our solution covers all aspects of operating a practice including appointment scheduling, medical records, inventory management and billing.
MobileServe’s web and mobile based platform helps organizations and communities build positive cultures and strong relationships by making it easy to share stories of social good, manage volunteer initiatives, and demonstrate social impact.
Healthy Nation creates and sells food products that make healthy eating both fun and enjoyable. The foundation of Healthy Nation is trust, transparency, and quality. Consumers can be confident that every product Healthy Nation produces will help make the world a healthier place. Healthy Nation's first product Vegy Vida finally resolves the issue of getting children and adults to eat vegetables.
CWT creates fun and simple methods for a new generation of betting enthusiasts to place pari-mutuel wagers on live sporting events. Our wagering games provide an online casino experience more familiar with other industries along with a social environment that is more unique than anything that currently exists for pari-mutuel wagering. Our core product Slots of Races is the first site that allows users to place wagers on multiple horse and dog races in real time.
Travel Notes automatically notifies financial institutions of their cardholders' travel plans when they purchase airline tickets, so their card is not declined when traveling outside of their normal geographic area. While doing this, Travel Notes automatically helps cardholders secure compensation ($450+) from airlines that travelers are entitled to when their flight is delayed, canceled, or overbooked.
You Saw Me invented the Verve, a patented machine-washable retroreflective vest embedded with custom-color LEDs for runners, bicyclists, and ANYONE wanting to be noticed. We've created a fun, functional way to save the lives of pedestrians on the road. Visibility safety meets cool; customizability meets versatility; brighter is better; you saw me.
Pawn Metrics is a cloud based software that helps pawn shop owners manage their business. We keep track of customers, transactions, inventory, and finances, and work with point-of-sale hardware for an all-in-one, web-based solution.
Custom College Recruiting (CCR) reaches out to 6,000,000 worldwide high school basketball players to get exposure to over 6,000 college coaches. At the same time, it helps the college coaches to find the right talent among this vast amount of basketball players. This is achieved by CCR's unique method for evaluating high school basketball players.
Blink Technologies is changing the way you capture, work with and display images. We are an imaging company with a desire to use breakthrough innovations to allow you to seamlessly move between your physical and digital worlds. In a Blink.