intro to web development

Awesome Inc U's beginner coding course for adults, giving students the core skills and knowledge to start the journey towards professional web development. Your next adventure starts here.

upcoming program dates

Summer 2024

June 10


August 07

why learn from awesome inc u?

At Awesome Inc, everything we do starts with our Core Values. We care about people, and making a difference in our community. That's why we want to help everyone we can to learn the life changing skill of coding. And while doing that, we've seen that the best way to learn a new skill is to get the right help on your journey. It's so easy to waste time trying to learn something by yourself, constantly running into problems, and getting frustrated along the way, but we're here to help! With coaching from Senior Developers and a curriculum built for you, we're ready to meet you where you're at, even if you're at step 0.


what makes it awesome?

The best learning doesn't just happen when you're taught information. It comes when you connect with others who are learning alongside you. Intro to Web is designed to both teach you the skills, and foster connections. Intro also offers more flexibility as a part-time, evening course; It covers most of the introductory topics used in our more intensive Bootcamp program, but at a more manageable pace. It'll help you build a solid foundation in web development using technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And if you don't even know what those are... it's ok!

Prior Awesome Inc students have come from a variety of backgrounds, including manufacturing, retail, design, food service, law, and healthcare. Classes are two nights per week, two hours per night, for nine weeks. In addition to in-class hours, our instructional team is available remotely for Q&A throughout the week via Slack.


If reading this list makes your eyes glaze over... we get it. Maybe we can talk on the phone to explain the details.

  1. Developer Tools and Environment Setup
  2. HTML and How the Web Works
  3. Styling pages with CSS and Bootstrap
  4. Templates and the DRY Principle
  5. JavaScript (variables, conditionals, loops, arrays, objects, functions)
  6. Interactive JavaScript and the DOM
  7. Getting Data from APIs
  8. Final Project
monitor and laptop

course outcomes

  • Write code in languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Create interactive websites
  • Make friends and learn how to continue practicing web development beyond this course
  • Build a Final Project like these:

tuition credit

100% of this course payment can be used as tuition credit for our Web Developer Bootcamp. Candidates must enroll in the Bootcamp program within one year of completing the Intro to Web Development course. Please note that completion of this course does not guarantee admission to the Web Developer Bootcamp – the standard application process still applies.


Yes. Each student will need to provide his/her own laptop for the course. Microsoft Windows-based PC's or Apple macOS computers will work. We recommend a laptop made within the past 3-4 years. Computers should be free from viruses/malware. We have a very limited number of rental laptops available for $25/day, which can be reserved online.

No prior programming experience is required, but students should be comfortable typing, navigating a file / folder structure, and using a web browser.

This course is capped at 16 students.

The Intro To Web Development is designed for adult learners.

See map for parking options.

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