Week Of Code


What if you spent your summer learning to make your own apps instead of just playing them? This camp introduces the fundamentals of coding. Students will create websites, mobile apps, and video games all while having fun with our energetic team.

What you will do this week

  • Learn basic Computer Science concepts
  • Write code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Build iOS/Android mobile apps with Thunkable
  • Design and Publish your own Website
  • Create your own Video Game with Construct 3
  • Receive 1-on-1 support from our instructional team
  • Share a project presentation with peers and parents


  • The ability to type text on a computer (e.g. write an email, edit a Word document). We recommend 20 WPM or faster.
  • Experience using a variety of websites, games, and apps

Schedule Summary

Prework - Lightbot or code.org

Day 1 - Making Mobile Apps with Thunkable

Day 2 - Making Websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Day 3 - Making Video Games with Construct 3

Day 4 - Project day: go in-depth on a track (Web, Mobile, Game) of your choice

Detailed Schedule

Pre-work (self-guided prep session)

Computer Setup

Each student will need to provide his/her own laptop for the course. Each device needs to have a Chrome Browser (Windows, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS work). Chromebooks work, iPads/Tablets will not work. We recommend a laptop made within the past 3-4 years. Computers should be free from viruses/malware. We have a limited number of rental laptops available for $25/day.

To be ready for Day 1 of camp, students should complete the following laptop setup steps:

  1. Install any available operating system updates for your computer (see Windows Update or macOS software update)
  2. Install the Google Chrome web browser
  3. Use your Google account (Gmail, Google Drive, etc) to sign into Thunkable

Coding Basics

Prior to the Week of Code summer camp, it’s a good idea to try some basic coding exercises on your own. If you have not yet done an Hour of Code session on your own or in school, we recommend starting there:


  • Introductions - students, instructors
  • Why it’s important to learn to code
  • Awesome Inc Core Values
    • Be Good
    • Be Excellent
    • Be a Friend
    • Be You
  • What ground rules should we have?
    • When the instructor is talking, _____.
    • Keep your hands to _____.
    • Read, Try, _____, Coach.
    • Be positive and _____.
    • No _____ or _____ on the table.
    • Bring the _____.
  • Text editor skills and vocabulary
    • Copy, Cut, Paste, Switch windows
    • Arrow keys vs Mouse, Shift-to-select

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Day 1 - Mobile Apps



Go Beyond

Day 2 - Website


  • Design our site by creating a wireframe
    • Heading, Navigation, Images, Text Content
    • Two pages: home page, fun facts
  • Make our first web page using Glitch

Go Beyond

Day 3 - Video Games



Go Beyond

  • Homework:
    • Finish Platformer
    • Pick a tutorial/project
  • Reminder to students: bring headphones 🎧 for Thursday tutorials

Day 4 - Project Day


Note: most projects here will take longer than 4 hours to complete. That’s OK! Our goal during project day is to help you get started on something significant that you can continue working on after the Week of Code.

Demo time

  • Show and Tell
    1. Show us one thing you made this week
    2. Tell us one interesting thing you learned
    3. What’s one thing you want to create next?
  • Recap
  • Next steps for learning
    1. Online resources: Code.org, freeCodeCamp, Replit
    2. Awesome Inc Fall/Spring weekly classes: