Meet Our 13 Alumni From Bootcamp Fall 2021

Stephen Ruh

Stephen Ruh,


Bootcamp Demo Day Fall 2021

By Stephen Ruh

It's been less than a month since the finish of our latest Web Developer Bootcamp (our 11th!), and we are excited for you to see how far these all-stars have come. Demo day was Dec 15th and most of our graduates already have job offers from local and national tech employers.

We’re always impressed by the backgrounds of our learners before bootcamp, and this group doesn't disappoint. They've been teachers, students, salesmen, and chemists. They've helped run small businesses, or even have plans to start their own. And now they know how to turn ideas into plans, plans into code, and code into software solutions for real-world problems.

Our Demo Days have looked different over the past couple of years, but this event was a welcome return to form for us, with over 100 in-person attendees. As a result, our networking portion was so packed we had traffic jams in our space; an exciting problem after a couple of Zoom-call-filled years. For those who missed it, we want to give a recap of our most successful Demo Day yet, so let's dive into these student demos

The Demo List

Thirteen students, now developers, presented at Demo Day. Here’s the crew:

Jia-Yi Chen

Jia-Yi Chen{:width='250'}

noteboard - A simple note-making and sharing app.

Michael Chinn

Michael Chinn{:width='250'}

Character Creator - An interface for creating game characters.

Keith Downing

Keith Downing{:width='250'}

PGA Golf Pool - Easy to use PGA Golf Pool to play with friends/family

Ticia Dunn

Ticia Dunn{:width='250'}

QuizGo - Play randomly generated trivia games and make your own trivia game

Grant Harris

Grant Harris{:width='250'}

The Shop. - This is a an in-house app for field employees to order materials.

Robin Kelsick

Robin Kelsick{:width='250'}

Road To University - Find the college that best suits you.

Kole Kendrick

Kole Kendrick{:width='250'}

MyLiberry - A collection of best seller books and where you can buy them

Andrew Mills

Andrew Mills{:width='250'}

The Original SEC Draft League - A fantasy sports site for SEC college basketball.

Chase Shelton

Chase Shelton{:width='250'}

LetsEat - A restaurant search tool.

Justin Smith

Justin Smith{:width='250'}

Trade Tracker - Search and view stock charts and save them to a watchlist.

Tyler Van Nostrand

Tyler Van Nostrand{:width='250'}

Gary's List - An Ecommerce store for Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts

Troy Wagoner

Troy Wagoner{:width='250'}

Martial Arts Origins - Preservation of martial arts techniques

Tony Watson

Tony Watson{:width='250'}

breaddit - Social website and forum where content is created and voted on by site members.

The Video

Thanks for checking out our Fall 2021 Bootcamp graduates. Here's the full video from their Demo Day: